LED Downlight Installations Perth

LED Downlight Installations

LED Downlight Installations Reduce your Energy Bills
Switch to LED Lighting with a local, trusted electrician

Did you know that LED’s last up to 20 times longer than halogen downlights while using up to 80% less energy?

If you want to enhance your workplace, brighten your home and lower your electricity costs then make the switch to LED lighting.
LED Downlight Installations are the safer, stronger and a longer lasting alternative to halogen downlights, so there is less impact on the environment and you can enjoy the benefits of the cost savings.

LED Downlight Installations
LED Downlight Installations

Why are LED downlights better?

Significantly less risk of fire: Halogen downlights operate at high temperatures and when not installed correctly can present a significant risk of fire. LED downlights run at low temperatures making them a much safer alternative.

Increased Lifespan

: LED downlights have an average manufacturer reported lifespan of up to 30,000 hours – That’s over 15 years with normal use! Your average halogen lamp will last for about 1000 hours.

Improved energy efficiency: LED downlights can reduce your lighting bill by up to 82%. An average 9 watt LED light will produce about the same amount of light as a 50 watt halogen.

More options when it comes to the colour of the light: LED downlights can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. Older style halogen and incandescent lights give off a yellowish hue that can make the room feel gloomy. Thankfully LED’s come in a wide range of colours and can produce a much more inviting crisper look.

LED Downlight Installations
LED Downlight Installations


More environmentally friendly: Since LEDs use much less energy and do not contain any mercury they help to reduce carbon emissions and are a better choice for the environment.

How much could I save?

Based on an average home with 25 lights you can expect to save up to $546 a year by converting your 50-watt halogen fittings into 11 watt energy efficient LED downlights. That’s an average saving of $21.85 p.a for every light that’s running for 6 hours per night.

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